Liguria Holiday & Prices

Draped across a glorious crescent of coastline in north-west Italy, Liguria’s dazzling landscape is a feast for the eyes (and the soul). Candy-coloured fishing villages tower above the glittering blue waters of the Ligurian sea and dramatic coastal roads snake around rugged cliffs and through quaint mountain villages. Genoa can easily be reached in around 2 hours (direct from London), as well as Nice, just across the border. The region is best enjoyed during the warmer months, when the lively coastal culture is thriving!

The string of achingly pretty villages and calm bays that line the coast are a charming place to experience Italian summers beside the sea, full of the freshest seafood and slow family meals under the sun. The atmospheric city of Genoa, with its painted palaces and intriguing medieval centre, is a wonderful place to experience the history of the region. Journey inland slightly and you will discover the charm of Liguria’s rustic countryside, mountain villages and some of the most spectacular hiking. 

As with most regions of Italy, Liguria has its own character when it comes to the culture surrounding food and wine – with family at the centre. Try your hand at making traditional Genoese pesto, enjoy the simplicity of fresh seasonal vegetable plucked straight from the earth and sip of delightful local wines. For any age, Liguria is a hidden gem and a joy to visit! We work with a number of beautiful boutique hotels in this region.