Horse riding

One of the best and most relaxing ways to appreciate the incredible scenery in Iceland is to ride through it on the trusty Icelandic Horse. There are so many different areas of Iceland you can explore on horseback whether you have an hour or a couple of days. Opt for a gentle ride not far from Reykjavik or go for a longer ‘viking’ tour across lava fields and past volcanoes on the Reykjanes Peninsula. The black sand beaches around Vik in the south make for an unforgettable ride. Why not base yourself at Skalakot Country Manor a lovely boutique hotel and horse farm for a few days? Alternatively, if you’re planning a visit to the north you can ride along and through the black river or fly over to the beautiful east coast and track reindeer on horseback!

The Icelandic horse is one of the strongest horse breeds in the world, despite their small stature. They are very good-natured and easy-going making even the most novice of riders feel safe and for the more experienced they have a great spirit and are quick off the leg! The breed is unique as they have a fifth gait or ‘fifth gear’ known as the ‘tolt’, a four-beat lateral gait which is extremely comfortable for the rider making them a perfect trekking horse.

My advice: Whichever area you choose to go horse riding in, you will experience beautiful views but if you do travel to the east coast, it’s quite special to track reindeer on your trusty steed!

Season: All year round

Requirement: No previous experience required for certain treks. Longer, more arduous treks will require a more experienced rider.

Important: Do not bring your own leather riding equipment such as gloves or boots as these are not permitted into Iceland due to strict environmental policies. If you do bring your own helmet or rubber boots these will have to undergo disinfectant procedures. Personally, I think it is simpler to use the equipment that is provided for you.