Bulgaria Horse Riding

Bulgaria horse riding offers a variety of amazing trails. Bulgaria is a country where fences and gates are a rare sight. Especially in the mountain regions where the rides take place. Here, most of the land is private, though not cultivated. Due to this, it leaves vast open areas – forests, pastures etc.

High up in the Central Balkan National Park, you find a place with rugged and impassable cliffs. A unique place with distinctive flora and fauna that have turned the place into a nature reserve. The Singing Rocks themselves are a set of unique natural formations that crown the ancient beech forest. When the wind blows in the right direction one can hear the “song” of the rocks and it was this phenomenon that has given the reserve its beautiful name.

The trail offers a variety of landscapes and riding paces. The hilly terrain as well as the small plateaus on top of the hills offer fantastic opportunities for an unforgettable ride.

Nowadays there are hundreds of wild horses in Central Balkan who live outdoors all year at 30 °C in summer down to −20 °C in winter. The horses search for food on their own.