Gosia Wasikowska

Never-ending journey.

Years and years ago, although I can’t remember the exact date of when it all started, I met one of life’s true free spirits – a crazy Englishman with an equally crazy, albeit beautiful dream. It didn’t take long for me to become infatuated with his dream as well, and I was fortunate enough for him to let me be a part of it.

The journey with Alisdair and Fleewinter had begun. We started working together side-by-side every day in a lovely attic room in West London, right by the River Thames. In the beginning we specialised in South African holidays, sending many clients to their dream destination packed full of unforgettable experiences. Little by little our horizons expanded, with destinations like Sri Lanka, the Caribbean and Morocco being added to our ever-increasing list, until finally we had most of the globe at our fingertips. Today we offer our clients holidays to almost anywhere in the world, including Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Indonesia, the Indian Ocean Islands, and many parts of Africa. And we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting destinations; our recent Greek island luxury sailing project, for example, has been a huge success.

Of course, as our list of destinations grows bigger, so does our team. Today we consist of over twenty team members, all based in different countries around the world and all living the life we want. We each gain our knowledge by visiting the countries we specialise in as often as we can and discovering more and more about them each time. The people, the food, the shopping, the nightlife, the places to go, the places not to go, the little hidden secrets that are off the beaten track – we gather all of this information and pass it on to you, our customer, so that you can have the holiday you’ve always wanted. In fact, it’s the key to Fleewinter’s success. We think about our customers’ holidays as we would ours, and by combining your individual needs with our extensive knowledge of the area, we can create a holiday that’s perfect for you in every way. We listen, we plan, and most importantly, we deliver.

But what about my part in the Fleewinter team?

From my very first trip to South Africa to my latest venture in the Seychelles (an island which has truly captured my heart) I still feel an enormous love and passion for what I do. My family holidays are carefully researched and thoroughly planned, and I almost always travel with my husband and 7-year-old son. We’ve visited India, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali & Lombok, Morocco, Cape Verde, Portugal, Italy and many other countries, both hot and cold. I never worry about luck when it comes to food, as my son is well used to exotic dishes by now – we just try a bit of everything and so far every trip has been a winner. In my life I’ve been lucky to have lived in both London and Malta, and now enjoy life in a lovely little city in the south of Poland, right in the mountains.

Since my early days in Fleewinter I’ve been working in administration, accounting, and operations. Although my line of work can be exhausting at times, it’s my passion and I would never consider doing anything else. Besides, my second passion is running, and there’s absolutely no stress that a going for a good run can’t blow away.

My most recent love, the Seychelles, made me decide to set it up as a destination for Fleewinter. In June 2018 I’m returning there once again, only this time I’m taking my son with me. I want to show him just how generous mother nature has been to these truly unique islands. The giant tortoises walking freely on La Digue is something I will never forget, and I’m sure that he won’t either.

So this is the story of my journey so far. I hope it will never end…

India Trip
Tea Plantations, Malaysia
Streets of George Town
My partner in crime - Barbara, Bali specialist
The biggest boarding pass ever
Seychelles, La Digue
On the way to Lombok
Running is fun :-)

Seychelles and Operations Manager

“Take the running shoes with you and go off the beaten track,  there is no other way to discover the country than on foot”.  Operations Manager & Seychelles Specialist Gosia Wasikowska










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