Cuba Family Adventure

Some of us have kids, too… And we really do know what it ‘s like to bear two weeks of a sulking teen without access to their iPad – as will be the case in Cuba. Thus, it’s activities to the rescue! Havana’s stunning colonialism might not go down too well with the kids… until we get to the Hotel Nacional, famed for its connections with the Mafia. Next in line is the Cubykes adventure – the Cuban ride of a lifetime – loved by both young and old alike. After the fun in Havana, don’t forget to zip-wire in the leafy canopies of the Las Terrazas, with some horseback-riding to follow. What next? Nothing beats a cold shower under a waterfall and a refreshing swim in a natural lagoon…Hopefully by then you’ll have exhausted the young ones enough to enjoy a quiet time on the beach.