A LO CUBANO Havana, Cuba - UCX003


Visit of a farmers market
Visit of a „Bodega“
Visit of a supermarket or department store
Sharing a „Botero“ taxi with the people
Visit of an elementary school or a Poli-Clinico
Domino – the favourite “sport” of the Cuban men

Price - from £135, depends on the number of participants.

How to live like a Cuban in Havana? Well, first you need to get up very early in the morning to get your daily things organized. Buying food, goods and transport are still a big challenge, which require lots of patience, time and improvisation. In Europe you probably get done 3 times more things in the same time. At 8h30 your English speaking guide will pick you up at the hotel and bring you to an „Agro-Mercado“ – a typical farmer’s market in the city, where you can still buy fruits, vegetables and meat from the provinces in CUP, the Cuban pes - the currency of the locals. Visit a „Bodega“, one of the small „shops“ run by the government, where you can see Cubans buying other important subsidized goods very cheap with their so called „Libretta“ – the ration card. During the visit of an elementary school or of a family doctor at a typical Poli-Clinico, a medical center, as you can find it in each block of the city, you will learn more about the free Cuban education and/or health system. During a part of the tour your transport will be a „Rutero“ or a „Maquina“, the typical old classic American car or „Lada-.Taxi“, which the Cubans use as a collective means of transport. Don’t miss having a look into one of the big supermarkets or department stores, where also the Cubans have to buy goods in “divisas” or CUC, the Cuban hard currency. Finally the excursión will end at a typical „Solar“, where you can see Cuban men during their favourite “sport”, playing domino - also an important part of Cuban life and despite of all the daily “challenges”, they always find some time for it.


Daily, 8h30 (approx. 4.5 hours)
 Private tour by car, micro-bus or minibus with driver
 English speaking Cuban guide Daily, 8h30 (approx. 4.5 hours)