Food and Wine

The freshest octopus salad. Delicious grilled langoustines. World-class oysters. The famous Istria truffle. Golden olive oils. Wild asparagus. The finest quality prosciutto and local cheese. Slow-cooked stews. Plus, with 200 indigenous grapes, you’ll enjoy delicious Croatian wines.

The late Chef and traveller Antony Bourdain put it best when he visited Croatia for the first time in 2012: “If you like food and you haven’t been here to eat, you’re missing the boat”. Croatia is the next best destination for food and wine enthusiasts, with Istria often described as ‘the new Tuscany’. Croatian cuisine has many influences, thanks to its history, climate and geography. A mix of Mediterranean dishes of golden olive oils, fresh seafood, cured meats, risottos, herbs and pasta. Schnitzels, stews and strudels of central Europe. Grills and pastries found in the Balkans.