Tortuga Lodge Tortuguero - RCT001

An upmarket lodge for the area of Tortuguero which offers tasteful rooms which still suit the natural landscape of this unique setting.

27 Bedrooms, Sleeps 58

Boutique Property
River front location
Salt water swimming pool
A la carte menu
Hammock area
Free tea and coffee facilities

Tortuga Lodge has 27 rooms that are made up of downstairs river view rooms, upstairs river view rooms, two junior suites and one penthouse suite. All face on to the river in front of the property with beautiful views. None of the rooms have air-con which is common in all but one property in Tortuga as this is a very natural part of the country. Whilst in the day time the rooms can be quite hot the temperatures drop at night and you will be comfortable. With so many activities you are unlikely to be in the room in the day, so fan rooms work here.

There is a restaurant which offers a la carte food, most trips to Tortuguero include all meals and you will get to choose these off of the menu's provided. The restaurant overlooks the river and also has a bar within it. Coffee and tea making facilities are also nearby which are free of charge.

The property has a swimming pool which also looks over the river and uses natural salts rather than chlorine. Sun loungers sit around its edges as well as in other parts of the property. There are also hammocks situated in various locations where you can relax and enjoy natures sounds around you.

Whilst certain activities will be included in your stay you can also include optional extras such as night walks, kayaking and fishing trips. These can all be booked when you get there or do let us know if you have specific interests.

This is one of our favourite properties in Tortuguero as it is smaller than most with a fantastic location and lovely places to relax in between exploring the Tortuguero Canals.