Rio Perdido Guanacaste - RCG001

A unique adventure hotel with activities, beautiful views and a selection of hot spring pools.

20 Bedrooms, Sleeps 40

Unique property
Great views
Peaceful Location
Zip lining, canyoning and tubing
Two hot spring pools
Swimming pool

The Rio Perdido hotel is located in the San Bernando Lowlands which is a rare and quintessential dwarf forest where a peninsula is formed by two converging canyons. It is situated where the Rio Blanco meets the waters of the Rio Perdido. The development itself has been based on ecologically sound judgement and built either where there was scarce forest cover or in a creative way around present flora.

The hotel site is north of the amazing convergence point which means that two deep canyons flank it. One is a completely vertical gorge carrying cool waters with a peculiar white tint, and the other is the thermal-mineral Rio Perdido. To keep with the magic of the setting the bungalows are designed to allow most elements to permeate through the unit's four sides. A huge factor in this is that the bungalows are suspended above ground via 7 columns!

There are 20 bungalows here which are distributed into 3 segments, according to the gradient lines. From top to bottom there are 7, 5 and 8 units. Access to the bungalows is served via elevated pathways that connect to general circulation pathways and hiking trails. In keeping with the nature reserve guidelines they are quite small and somewhat close together but at the time of writing 5 new larger bungalows are being built suitable for families and those wanting more space.

The different focal zones of the project can be accessed by foot, bicycle, or compact electric cars that offer transport service. While said areas are not far from one another, it is up to the guests as to how they will move about.

As well as the numerous activities on offer here such as crayoning, zip lining and tubing there are a selection of spring pools of three different temperatures perfect for relaxing whatever the weather.

This is a fantastic hotel in a unique design focusing on a low impact environment. It is perfect for those looking for adventure in a beautiful and quiet setting.