Wildlife is of course a huge attraction and a real highlight for any visit to this small tropical country. Remarkably, for its size, Costa Rica has nearly 6% of the worlds biodiversity and the world’s largest number of species per 10,000 sq km making it one of the best wildlife-watching destinations on the planet.

The list of wildlife in Costa Rica is exotic and varied ranging from crocs to monkeys, toucans to iguanas and sloths to whales. If you are serious about observing birds and animals, the value of a knowledgeable guide cannot be underestimated. Their keen eyes are trained to notice the slightest movement in the forest, and they recognise the many exotic sounds. Most professional bird guides are proficient in the dialects of local birds, greatly improving your chance of spotting them. Do have a look below at some suggestions on where to spot certain animals and let us know what you are keen to see on your trip so we can incorporate it into your itinerary for your best chance to spot them!

Whatever situation you are in you are sure to be amazed by the abundance of animals in your vicinity. Costa Rica really does deliver unparalleled opportunities for wildlife and bird-watching.