Tierra Patagonia Torres del Paine - ZCT001

Tierra Patagonia is one of the most luxurious choices in Torres del Paine. The Tierra brand always manages to capture the essence of its surroundings and create exquisitely designed hotels offering authentic and sustainable experiences.

40 Bedrooms, Sleeps 90

Beautiful luxury property

Family owned and run boutique lodges

Wonderful sap

Swimming pool

Great views from spacious rooms

High end cuisine

All inclusive programs

Tierra Hotels are family owned and run boutique lodges that are inspired by Chile's amazing nature. They offer tailor-made excursions and an authentic gastronomy in journeys which combine active adventure with relaxation in their wonderful spas.

Tierra Patagonia emerges beside craggy mountains and the glistening Lake Sarmiento in Torres del Paine National Park and blends in seamlessly into the landscape thanks to its subtle style. Here in this untamed part of the world, the perfect spot for an adventure vacation, what you see at our Patagonia adventure spa hotel is emerald lakes, fantastic mountain ranges and abundant wildlife.

The hotel rooms are an ode to nature, like the rest of Tierra Patagonia. The space is elegant yet understated, made with local wood, with whitewash walls on either side to focus your attention on the views beyond. The aim is to bring the outside in, so that you enjoy the warmth and cosyness of your room while feeling a connection to your surroundings.

Whichever of the three room types you choose, you’ll find hints of Patagonia’s culture and history throughout, including sheepskin rugs, soft, handmade throws and, printed lightly on the chairs, patterns of ancient fossils found nearby. With no televisions, you can unwind and disconnect easily, all while watching the shifting light and weather patterns dance over the lake and mountains.

As in Tierra Atacama, the spa at Tierra Patagonia is called Uma, meaning water, as it is element that is the main focus. Treat yourself to the luxury to indulge in the outdoor hot tub or switch between the steam room and indoor pool. Encased in tall glass walls, you’ll feel effortlessly connected to Patagonia and the awe inspiring views.

Tierra Patagonia offers all inclusive packages that comprise full board, excursions and return transfers from Punta Arenas airport. So you can enjoy the great dishes that the hotel offers. It will be Patagonian cuisine, a mix of hearty stews, slow-cooked soups and tasty dishes, sourced from the nearby estancias surrounding the lodge. The chef’s contemporary approach to Chilean cuisine, cooking techniques and the ingredients used results in a broad, varied menu suitable for all tastes, preferences and diets. There really is no better way to finish off the day exploring the rugged wilderness of Patagonia than returning home to the comfort of a luxury hotel and to a warm meal served with friendliness whilst enjoying the restaurant’s top-notch views!