Hostal El Puesto Puerto Rio Tranquilo - ZCC002

A charming, lovingly run wooden hotel oozing Patagonian appeal offering exceptional service and simple but comfortable facilities.

9 Bedrooms, Sleeps 18

Charming and lovingly run

Made with noble local materials

9 rooms with private facilities

Organic produce garden


Delicious daily breakfast

Committed to sustainable tourism

No internet in order for you to disconnect

Hostal El Puesto is located in Puerto Rio Tranquilo, a small town on the shores of Lake General Carrera. Historically, the Puestos (Posts) are refuges, small constructions of wood, stone or mud where travellers or farmers travelling with their livestock would stop on the way to their final destination in Patagonia.

The hotel is simple and rustic as all fixtures have been built using local noble materials and employing traditional techniques used since the times of colonisation. The rooms and communal areas convey a sense of warmth and cosiness thanks to the use of different woods from the area, bales of pasture, mud, sheep’s wool and stone.

On your arrival, you will be invited to put on some wool slippers as a way to disconnect and relax in the warmth of the lounge area next to the wood-burning stove. This cosy little wooden lodge is located in the small town of Puerto Rio Tranquilo, on the shores of Lake General Carrera. The property features three simple but comfortable rooms with private bathrooms and a communal lounge / dining area with a wood-burning stove and a reading corner.

The hotel has only 9 rooms with private bathrooms, hair dryer and local amenities. They also offer central heating and the rate includes a rich breakfast with homemade products, many of them coming fresh from the hotel’s garden. They do not have TV, telephone and internet access. This is in part due to the remoteness of the area but also to help disconnect from the outside world.

Hostal El Puesto is committed to sustainable tourism and therefore they use thermo panels, solar panels for heating and DHW, LED technology for lighting and state-of-the-art water saving taps. They also use products with low impact on pollution, promoting minimizing the washing of towels and sheets. They strive to save water and electricity in their premises and the use of composting and the correct disposal of waste.

Please also note that there is no ATM in Puerto Rio Tranquilo, the nearest being in Coyhaique but the hotel does accept all major credit cards. The hotel also offers several excursions to the area that can be booked and paid locally.