Cruises are a great way of exploring the Amazon and accessing the heart of the rainforest from Manaus or Santarém.  In the heart of the Amazon, there are lakes covered with giant water lilies, immense trees and dark waters. This green paradise is populated by iguanas, alligator-like caimans, monkeys, three-toed sloths, countless fish, dazzling butterflies and multi-coloured birds. Discover Alter do Chão – the “Caribbean of the Amazon”  – located in the state of Pará, where white sandy beaches emerge during the dry season (August to November).

Tips: The rivers Rio Negro and Tapajos have very few mosquitoes: the acidity of the water prevents the reproduction of the larva. In the Amazon, they appear only at sunrise and sundown: but we do recommend having a repellent in any case. As for piranhas, in reality, most of them are fruit-eaters and the frightening images are often filmed at times when the rivers are at their lowest and when food is rare.

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