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5 Reasons why you need to visit Slovenia.

26th February, 2020

Why you need to visit Slovenia!

Only a two hour flight from the UK this tiny country is often overlooked. Bordered by Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and Italy, Slovenia is an exciting mix of the best of each culture. Known for its diverse topography and praised for it’s sustainable tourism.

The country’s conscious efforts to promote regional tourism and encourage slow travel make it the kind of authentic, alluring adventure that our Fleewinter guests are seeking today.

Here are just a few reasons to visit Slovenia now, before the rest of the world does!

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1. Storybook Scenery

Lush forests, snowy peaks, sparkling waters and castle so many castles. Slovenia is a fairytale come to life! A real-life Narnia (indeed many of the scenes from the 2008 film Prince Caspian were filmed here) you’ll find yourself enchanted by a world of knights, dragons, white horses and rich folklore at every corner. There’s even a castle in a cave! The vivid turquoise rivers and emerald lakes will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief. Children will love learning about local legends at some of the many festivals throughout the year.

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2. Diverse Nature

Tiny Slovenia, hemmed into the Adriatic by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, packs a lot into its diminutive proportions. As the only country that combines four of Europe’s distinct geographical features – the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain (a lowland basin) and the Karst (a rocky limestone region) Slovenia exhibits a vast diversity of nature.

The country’s numerous mountains and hills are suitable for all levels of hiking and offer jaw-dropping views. The Prekmurje lowlands in the northeast are perfect for the cycling enthusiast. The Adriatic coast offers the Mediterranean warmth, clear waters and beautiful sunsets. In complete contrast the underground world of Karst region contains some of the largest cave formations in Europe.

And the best thing is you can see it all in a relatively short amount of time: small is beautiful! Roughly the size of Wales You don’t have to choose between swimming in the balmy Mediterranean or a cool Alpine lake – you can do both in the same day!

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3. Gastronomy

They say the best way to experience a country’s history and culture is through its food. This is especially true in Slovenia, which has become a melting point of cultures, thanks to its neighbours, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Slovenia has no less than 170 typical dishes, all characterised by using locally produced ingredients. Discover special Slovenian cheeses, meat products, sausages, oils, honey, and other food.

Any self-proclaimed foodie will have Hiša Franko on their must-visit list. The brainchild of Ana Ros (of Netflixs Chef’s Table fame), this pink farmhouse in the whisper-quiet Soča Valley serves Alpine dishes from the future—think roebuck sashimi with juniper and chestnut, or goat’s-milk croissants stuffed with rosehip and roasted apple ice cream. It’s a sure bet for Slovenia’s first Michelin guide, which is coming in March 2020.

There’s much more to Slovenia’s foodie scene than just fine dining, however. Ljubljana boasts a thriving street-food culture, the highlight being a weekly “Open Kitchen”—or Odprta kuhna—which runs from Spring to Autumn. The open-air culinary celebration draws food producers from all over the country.

All this, however, is just for starters. With more than 20 gastronomic regions to explore, Slovenia features traditional farms making their own sausages, mountain huts preparing savory stews for hikers, and coastal towns offering fresh seafood from the Adriatic. Whether you’re a passionate foodie or casual traveller, life here tastes pretty sweet.

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4. Wine

What the pros know (and the rest of us are just beginning to realize) is that Slovenia is Europe’s most promising new wine destination, not only for its cult-status bottles but also for its insane—we’re talking half-the-price-of-Bordeaux insane—value on everything from winery tours to meals to vineyard-side glamping. Home to the world’s oldest grapevine, winemaking in Slovenia existed long before the Romans introduced winemaking to France, Germany and Spain, since the time of the Celts and Illyrian tribes. It’s no wonder then that Slovenia has such a rich wine making history.

Wine tours are available throughout the year, but autumn is when most wine-related events take place. In September, visitors cannot only taste the delicious wine, but they can also participate in harvesting the grapes, while October sees St. Martin’s Day, Slovenia’s biggest wine-related holiday, when events held all over the country celebrate the must (young wine) being made into Slovenia’s finest vintages. The extensive selection of excellent local wines makes Slovenia a great destination for all wine lovers.

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5. It’s water

Slovenia is rich in mineral water. In fact it’s the thermal water traditions that initially led Sarah to Slovenia when researching for her spa and wellness holidays. Visited over the centuries by Europes royalty and aristocracy searching to cure their ailments, Slovenias 15 different areas spa areas, each offer specific health benefits. Legends say when the winged horse Pegasus landed on the ground, healing mineral water burst onto the surface. This water is called Donat Mg and it has the highest magnesium content in the world! And can be found in the spa resort town of Rogaska Slatina.

These spa resorts don’t just offer restorative healthy stays they have a wide range of water parks that children will love! The awards winning Terme Olimia is perfect for a family holiday!

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Tempted to go on your own adventure around Slovenia? Chat to Sarah and have a look at some itineraries shes put together.
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