10 places that prove Slovenia is a Real Life Fairy Tale!

Once upon a time in a far off place (well two hours flight away..) was a magical land. Enchanted forests, magic rivers, underground worlds and even a castle in a cave! Slovenia is like jumping into the pages of a storybook! Come with us and see if you can find your happy ever after!

Predjama Castle

The only thing more fairytale-like than a castle is a castle perched on a 400-meter cliff that’s built around the entrance of a natural cave. Oh, and did we mention there’s a network of secret passageways? The Predjama Castle in Slovenia has all that and more. 

Today, Predjama Castle is open year-round to visitors who can also buy combo tickets to see the Postojna Caves. Meet the Knight Erazem, a 15th-century robber-baron who, like Robin Hood, stole from the rich to give to the poor. A real life fairy tale hero.

Fairytale Slovenia

Tolmin Gorge

Magical and mystical, be wary the river doesn't put you under it's spell. Clear vibrant turquoise water winds its way through the deep gorge. With lookouts named Devils Bridge and Dantes Cave, you know theres going to be some interesting stories to hear.

Located in the very south of the Triglav National Park, it's a perfect stop off during a road trip of the Soca Valley.

Velika Planina

Looking like something out of middle earth. The herdsmen’s cottages on Velika Planina plateau allow you to experience the traditional Apline life.

Not far from Ljubljana, you must take cable car to reach the plateau. The surrounding mountains make it a great starting off point for hikes.


Otocec Castle

You've discovered a castle in cave, now discover one in a river! Surrounded by water Otocec Castle is a medieval fantasy come to life.

The Otocec castle is the country's most beautiful and most preserved castle. Found on a small island in the heart of river Krka, it has been transformed into a luxurious hotel.

Škocjan Caves

Visit an underworld thats straight out of a fantasy novel. With caves so large that the mightiest kings would have been envy of their giant halls decorated by beautiful dripstone formations.
Their beauty and unique formations are among the many reasons why they were added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites

Enchanted Forests

Slovenia is a green paradise. Over 60% of the country is covered in forest. Wherever you are in Slovenia your always close to a walk in the woods

Storybook Towns

Discover the prettiest towns with streets full of colorful houses. Walking around Ptuj, Piran or Maribor one almost expects to see storybook characters tucked amongst the tourists.


Ljubljana's Dragons

Go on a quest across the city of Ljubljana to find the mythical beasts.  Seek the legend of the greek hero Jason (yes the same Jason who stole the golden fleece and many more adventures) and help him defeat this monster.

The Symbol of the Slovenian capital, and guardian of the iconic Emperor Franz Josef Jubilee Bridge, Ljubljana’s dragon is the city’s most recognizable resident. Not only does he perch, with teeth bared and wings spread, on all four corners of the aforementioned arch, but his image also appears on the town’s coat of arms, flag, river walls, manhole covers, and even on the crest of the local soccer team.


Lake Bled

The most magical and famous fairy tale scene of Slovenia. This breathtaking alpine lake is probably the icon of Slovenia, the symbol of all the natural beauties this small country offers.


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