Getting around

Bermuda is just 21 square miles, so getting around the island is easy and it is possible to see most if not all of the island in a relatively short space of time. Travelling on the excellent public transport service is great way to move around the island as the locals do and experience the warm nature of the Bermudian people!

– There are no car rentals in Bermuda, but visitors may rent mopeds (18 years or older) or bicycles.

– Bermudians drive on the left hand side and the speed limit is never above 20 mph.

– For those wanting to use public transport, the island has a fantastic bus and ferry service. The iconic pink buses cover the majority of the island with 11 routes and a frequent service. The central City of Hamilton is the main bus hub, and all buses start and end here, meaning to travel from one end of the island to the other, you will need to change buses in Hamilton.
The ferry is also a wonderful and easy way to get around the island with 4 routes.
A 7 day pass that allows unlimited travel on buses and ferries currently costs $60 (for one pass/person).

– Taxis are readily available on the streets outside the airport, larger hotels, City of Hamilton, Town of St George or Dockyard. You can also book taxis, and your hotel will normally be able to do this for you.