Maya Ruins

The extraordinary history of the great Maya civilizations can be explored intimately in Belize. You have the opportunity to get up close and personal to ancient temples and perhaps even in the peace and quiet, away from any other visitors. The jungle has protected these iconic limestone structures for millennia and there are still to this day hundreds of sites buried deep in the jungle.

Expert local guides will be able to uncover some of the Maya mysteries and describe a culture that thousands of years stood at more than 2 million people.

Each ruin has its own story of rise and fall and your guide will take you on a journey of discovery as you walk the temples.

Maya sites

Cayo District in the West of Belize


Orange Walk district in the North of Belize


Toledo District in the South of Belize

Lubaantum and Nim Li Punit

Between Belmopan and San Ignacio in the Cayo district.

Actun Tunichil Muknal

Cayo District in the West of Belize


Located in San Ignacio, Cayo District in the west of Belize.

Cahal Pech