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Exploring Belize


With both broadleaf rainforest and mountain pine forest, the jungle of Belize is diverse and supports a huge variety of wildlife. Notable areas for inland wildlife spotting and where we recommend you visit are the Elijio Panti National Park, Rio Bravo Conservation area, Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and Cockscomb Basin but even outside of these protected areas, you have excellent wildlife spotting opportunities for a lot of species!

While nearly half of the land mass in Belize is protected, wild spaces are dwindling so for the many rare species that call Belize home, respectful interaction from tourists is really important. Fortunately, the majority of jungle lodges are extremely sustainably focused and the guided excursions into the jungle are largely low impact whilst offering you the chance to spot some of these beautiful creatures. Here is some of the incredible wildlife that you can enjoy in the jungle!

This majestic animal is a rare spot in Belize but with the largest concentration of Jaguar in the protected Cockscomb Basin Wildlife preserve, you do stand a fighting chance. Jaguars are the largest and strongest cat species in the western hemisphere and so the biggest of the 5 wildcat species found in Belize.
The tapir is a relative of the rhino and known in Belize as ‘mountain cow’. This unusual looking animal is another rare spot and is mainly active at night. They are vegetarians, feeding on low lying grasses, fruits, leaves and buds.
Keel-billed Toucan
Of the three species of toucan found in Belize, the Keel-billed is the largest, reaching up to 55cm in length! This colourful bird, also known as a rainbow billed toucan, is a regular spot whilst in the jungle so it’s unsurprising that this favourite is the national bird.
Howler Monkey
You are very likely to see howler monkeys whilst you are in the jungle and guaranteed to hear them! The unworldly calls that echo through the forest make them the loudest land animal on the planet!
Red Legged Honeycreeper
This beautiful songbird is a delight to see. The males are brightly coloured and easy to spot amongst the jungle.
The ocelot is the most commonly sighted of the wildcats in Belize and can be seen in a wide range of habitats. It’s a graceful, small cat that largely resembles a domestic house cat in shape except it is larger and has beautiful markings.
You'll see these iguanas all over Belize. Males can grow up to five or six feet in length!
The Morelets crocodile grows to about 3 meters in length and lives in freshwater only.

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