The Fleewinter Story

Alisdair Luxmoore founded Fleewinter in 2003, with a vision of making authentic travel accessible. At Fleewinter we believe that where you stay plays a huge role in understanding the country you are visiting. Because of this we favour private villas and boutique hotels, over large impersonal resorts where you could be anywhere in the world.

As a team we spend a great deal of time selecting characterful and traditional properties, which will enrich your stay and enable you to eat, sleep and breathe the culture. We encourage clients to get off the ‘beaten track’ where possible and to explore with the help of our country representatives.

Cape Town was the first destination on the Fleewinter map, as Alisdair had been a regular visitor for over 10 years and was fed up with the hassle and trauma of booking villas and apartments remotely and never really knowing what to expect once you arrived. Turning up at an apartment after a 12 hour flight with two young children, a fist full of Rands and praying that; a) the property exists and b) it fulfils expectations, was no way to start a holiday. This gave birth to the Fleewinter concept; an impartial voice, offering a personal service and practical solutions.

Cape Town was just the start of it; 13 years later and we now offer holidays in many continents across the globe. Our team is made up of 12 travel enthusiasts, who either live in their destinations or spend extended periods of time there over the year. We appreciate that life is busy, and time away precious, so having this country knowledge and specialist advice at your fingertips is invaluable.

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Kate's passion is Sri Lanka which she knows inside out and also runs our Thailand and Maldives operation


Coming up for 10 years with Fleewinter, Simon is the expert on villas in Barbados and St Lucia
Simon Gill Your Caribbean Holiday Expert at Fleewinter


Suzy knows Tobago like no one else


Katie was introduced to New Zealand's green pastures by her kiwi husband Steven. The country made such an impression, that several years later they decided to move there. Being adventure seekers, there was only one way for them to get from London to Auckland and that was by bicycle! Now known as the Pedalling Prescotts...


Magda is newest member of our team, and crucial to the smooth running of the business. Always smiling and cheerful, she fell in love with Croatia 16 years ago and her passion for travel has blossomed ever since!