Jess Hilton

I think I’ve always been a bit of a ‘travelholic’. Fortunately family holidays provided a worldly education, which resulted in me grabbing my backpack (the moment I graduated) and heading off on a 6-month self-organised trip around Central America. Since then my working life has been pleasantly punctuated by many an overseas adventure.

It is an addiction to uncovering a new place, landscape and its unique culture that got me hooked. I crave those jaw-dropping moments,  taste-bud overloads, new sights, sounds, smells and friends. I can’t help but fall in love, over and over again. And so far, it’s a love affair that shows no sign of wavering…

Luckily I’ve been able to develop a career in the travel industry, which means that I get to wax lyrical about exotic destinations all day long! I’m currently study the map and planning my next escape (and hey maybe I’ll get to call it work?!).

En-route to the High Place of Sacrifice in Petra, Jordan.
Jumping for joy on Roy's Peak in New Zealand.
Sipping a sundowner at Gastro MK in Marrakesh.
Cooling off in Lanquin, Guatemala.
Hydrating on the island of Paxos.
Evening stroll in Umbria, Italy.
Reef walking in Zanzibar.
Pedestrian crossing in Tanzania.

A Word of Wisdom...

“At one point during the holiday, ditch the map, ditch the guidebook, and go out and explore! Make sure that there is nothing between you and the place you are visiting. As long as you’ve gained your bearings, often the best experiences are the unplanned ones and you never know what delightful surprise lies in store.” Jess Hilton, Marketing Manager and All-Round Travel Enthusiast

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